Vegetarian, vegan, healthy eater, animal rights advocate. Whichever you are, BOCA Burger offers the perfect alternative to eating real animal meat.

BOCA Burger has various veggie "meat" products meant as subsitution for the real thing. It is a great source of protein, fiber and calcium, and the products contain low calorie levels. There are burgers, patties, Chik'n nuggets/patties, ground crumbles, and breakfast links.

Quite a healthy way to choose how you eat as that the main ingredient in all of these is soy. No, sir, no real and cholesterol-laden meat for you!

You need not worry about variety in your dishes. As mentioned, BOCA has different products from which to choose. You can cook most anything that involves meat and subsitute a BOCA, with healthier benefits for you. In this site, you will not only find quite a number of ways to prepare and enjoy your meatless dishes, but information on the nutritional value of each product.

Go ahead, try a BOCA Burger today. We are your partners towards a healthier, better living tomorrow.